Interview with Gerhardt Gearhead

If you are following STOBER Drives on Facebook, you know all about our favorite icon, Gerhardt Gearhead! He has been traveling around the globe with our employees, learning about safety, helping survey companies, and making new friends! However, there is a lot to learn about this mysterious gearhead of mystery so I sat down and interviewed him about his background, job, interests, and hobbies.

Tell me about yourself, Gerhardt.

I grew up in the great commonwealth of Kentucky and attended school here. My heritage is German, as my parents moved from Germany to Maysville, Kentucky shortly before my birth. I am an only child and love my job!

Why did your family move to Kentucky?

My father started his career at STOBER ANTRIEBSTECHNIK and worked there for many years. When they decided to open a branch of SAT in the United States, he jumped on the opportunity to move and be a part of a new beginning

What is your favorite food?

Sauerbraten with red cabbage and potato dumplings!

How did you get started at STOBER?

Visiting my father at work helped me discover my love of gears and engineering. After finishing high school, I knew that I wanted to study engineering. I was lucky enough to receive a four-year apprenticeship at STOBER in Germany. Every day was a new and exciting adventure! I loved seeing how the gearboxes were designed and built. All of the people were great and allowed me to spend time in every department. When I finished college, I started working as an engineer.

What motivated you to apply to STOBER?

My father told me several stories about STOBER. My favorite was about the influence of da Vinci on STOBER’s founders. They were inspired by his ancient designs and decided to bring them to life with modern innovation and craftsmanship. In addition to that story, I enjoyed the work environment and the employees at STOBER.

Why did you return to the United States?

One of my main interests at STOBER is delivering the best experience a customer can have and spreading the name of STOBER. I decided that I should come to the USA and help spread awareness about our products and how they can help companies everywhere! My goal is to serve every customer and work with them to help them reach their full potential. I want to prove that we are “geared to a higher standard.”

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I love being outside and seeing nature so I would say the Black Forest.

Everyone calls you Gerhardt Gearhead. Care to explain how you got the last name?

My fellow engineers saw my passion for perfection and delivering the highest quality possible. I was striving to continuously make things better. They would often tease me that I really was a German “Gearhead.” The name stuck.

What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy playing soccer, working on cars, fishing, riding roller coasters, and traveling with STOBER employees. There are so many places I have yet to see!

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Since I enjoy my work so much, it would probably reflect some of my career. I think it might be titled “Living without the Grind.”

What drives you every day?


What is your favorite item of clothing?

I don’t go anywhere without my lederhosen!

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