Frequently Asked Questions

STOBER Warranty?

All reducer components (gears, covers, material, etc.) are backed by our 5 year limited warranty.  Normal wear items (oil seals, bearings, etc.) are covered for 2 years.

Why does STOBER use Ductile Iron housing?

Our housing is GGG70

  • Ductile iron – Steel like strength – 700 N/mm² (101,000 PSI)
  • Allows us to machine bearing seats and ring gear into same homogenous housing – result we can assure concentricity within 0.010 mm
  • Allows us to hob the ring gear into the housing – results in ring gear with Quality Class 5- 6 (Approx. AGMA Gear Class 11-12)
  • Housing, ring gear, planet carrier and planet and sun gears all have very similar coefficient of thermal expansion – result in gear train geometry being stable across entire temperature range.

Some have expressed doubt that STOBER can be assured of a reliable source of this high quality cast. STOBER’s manufacturing operation has received ISO 9001 certification. Quality control of inbound materials is an issue that we take very seriously. When I relayed this question to my German coworkers, their response was that they have used this quality of casting for years and over that time have built a whole group of vendors.


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