5 reasons you should choose STOBER

Five reasons why you should choose STOBER:

  1. Ability to build to order and ship your gearbox in one day—Our fast delivery is not the result of a pre-assembled unit. When you call in an order, we build it to your specifications and ship it in one day. You can get a fast solution and not waste money stocking products because of a long lead time.
  2. 24/7 customer service—Time is money. How much does down time or emergency situations cost you? If you have an emergency gearbox breakdown, call us! Our customer service team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Combine always on customer service with the ability to build and ship in one day and you have a fast solution to your problem.
  3. Product variety—STOBER offers solutions for both servo and NEMA motors. Planetary gear reducers and modular helical solutions for those applications where a compact gearbox is not a requirement. Product range contains right angle, inline, and offset gearboxes. In addition to gearing, STOBER also offers hollow bore and ball screw motors and rack and pinion systems. Check out our website to find what you need!
  4. Product quality—do your gearboxes fail after six months? How about one year? At STOBER, our gearboxes’ mean time to failure is 8 years! Don’t worry about oil pans or leaks. These gearboxes are lubed for life and maintenance free.
  5. STOBER FITS—Do you want the ability to size a gearbox to your servo motor requirements online? Now you can with STOBER FITS. Simply choose your motor manufacturer, model, and desired ratio and see what STOBER products could fit your needs. Use filters to determine which option is best for you. Configure the product and then request a quote or drawing or share your configuration with others. Try it today for yourself!

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