STOBER named one of the “Best Places to Work in Kentucky”


STOBER Drives, Inc., located in Maysville, Kentucky, was recently named one of the “Best Places to Work in Kentucky” by the Kentucky Chamber, Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management, and the Best Companies Group.

In order to be considered, each company must complete a two-part assessment. The first part is an Employer Benefits and Policies Questionnaire. This portion covers demographic information, employee pay and benefits, work/life balance, and more. The second part is the Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. All employees are sent a link to a survey that highlights their feelings on the organization’s leadership, culture, training, and more. Responses are anonymous.

STOBER completed the process in December 2015. The company was notified in January 2016 that it was one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky. The exact ranking will not be revealed until the awards ceremony in April.

What makes STOBER a great place to work? For some, it is the opportunities offered. One of these opportunities is the apprenticeship program. Apprentices are paid full time wages and benefits; however, they work 30 hours and go to school for 10 hours a week. On top of that, STOBER pays for their school expenses. 10% of employees are apprentices. For those employees who are not apprentices, STOBER will pay for them to go back to school if they choose to do so.

Some other benefits include free health insurance and an active events committee. Every year, STOBER has a company picnic for employees and their families. These events have been at the Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium, King’s Island, etc. The annual Christmas party for employees and a guest is also a great time.

Ultimately, what really makes STOBER one of the best places to work is the people. The employees care about each other and about the customer. That’s what makes STOBER geared to a higher standard.

For more information on STOBER, visit


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