Packaging Conveyor Savings

Are you missing opportunities for improving efficiency and saving money on your conveyor? A typical conveyor used in packaging for feeding product into another machine utilizes a gearbox and additional components to drive the conveyor. These various pieces add up in terms of cost and length. However, STOBER offers product that will eliminate the need for a secondary transmission. This will not only save you money, but also space.


As illustrated, the planetary unit needs a mounting bracket and coupling to drive the conveyor. STOBER offers the SMS product line, which creates space savings with various mounting and housing styles. The KL unit can be attached with a shrink disc, making a compact solution. This machine flexibility will allow you to utilize existing structures as well.

Space is not the only savings. Using the SMS line creates an opportunity for lowering cost. No second transmission, such as chains and belts, are needed. This means a quieter and more efficient solution. No hardware, installation, or maintenance costs are added to your application.

Contact STOBER’s technical support team to learn how to save money and space on your applications using STOBER’s SMS products!

Email for more information.

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