Inside STOBER’s Wellness Program

STOBER not only focuses on making great products but being a great workplace as well. Part of this is employee wellness, which encompasses both financial wellness and health wellness.

Insurance at STOBER is completely free to employees. Deductible amounts can be covered by employees’ Life Enhancement Activity Program (LEAP) money, which funds an HRA account. Each employee has their biometrics tested twice a year. They are rewarded based on their results. Classes have been offered to employees on dieting, exercise, and quitting smoking.

The local health department has done several presentations to employees to share tips to improve physical and mental health. Microclinic International, a 16 week course teaching people how to make small modifications to change your health, was offered at STOBER. 19 people completed the course.

We also host monthly fitness programs which involve miles, steps, active minutes, and team challenges. Last month’s challenge: we “virtually” walked to Rupp Arena for March Madness. The challenges change on a monthly basis and participants are eligible to win prizes along the way.

In addition to physical wellness, the company has offered financial education programs, including Pete the Planner. Pete came to STOBER, presented on finance, and stayed for two days for employees to ask him questions. Employees were also given the opportunity to complete Pete’s Money School, an online module.

“We want to create a culture of wellness so our employees are happy. Some things have worked well and others haven’t but overall we are pleased with our program,” said Kay Moss, HR Manager.

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