“Geared to a Higher Standard”

higher standard
As one of the leading drive manufacturers, STOBER strives to be the gold standard in the industry.  The company makes gearboxes and gearmotors for hundreds of customers across the nation.  These gearboxes and motors are used in conveyors, robotics, material handling, packaging, machine tool, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace equipment, printing, and any general automation application.  With two unique lines, STOBER does business with a diverse clientele.

In addition to excellent products, STOBER provides the best service in both shipping and customer support.  With a standard 3 day delivery, STOBER easily surpasses its competitors for gearbox delivery.  Customer support is available 24/7.  If a client is in need of a repair, the service staff works quickly and efficiently to ensure minimum down time on the production line.  Customer support operates under a policy of Total Operational Performance™, meaning being the best in the industry.
STOBER’s business is not limited to the United States.  It is also expanding its global business.  Recently, the company ventured further into the international market by doing business with Russia and China.  While global business is a recent trend, STOBER was one of the forerunners for “Going Green” years ago.  A recent article in the Cincinnati Enquirer further explained how STOBER’s products can help companies “go green”.

Efficiency, maintenance, low noise, and waste reduction are also critical to STOBER.  Its gearboxes are considered top-of-the-line, due to their 98-99% efficiency levels.  Maintenance is not a burden with the gearboxes because they are made with quality materials.  STOBER’s gearboxes are quiet, allowing for a work environment that does not threaten the employee’s hearing.  The recent horrors of the oil spill call for less oil usage.  STOBER gearboxes are designed to use less oil throughout their lifetime.  STOBER gearboxes are lubed for life, so the oil does not need to be changed.  This reduces the initial amount of oil used and any additional oil that could be needed for oil changes.

With a slogan of “Geared to a higher standard!” STOBER Drives Inc. must live up to its motto.  By being energy efficient, community oriented, and expanding, in addition to having excellent products, outstanding employees, and exceptional leadership, STOBER is proving that it is not a diamond in the rough.

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