STOBER’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Pre-apprenticeships take the “grow your own” method of recruiting and retaining employees to the next level. Pre-apprenticeships are designed for high school students ranging from 14-18 years old. The students can be recruited by and from the local high schools and area technology centers. Our program is recognized by the Kentucky Department of Labor and you can easily set up your own Pre-Apprenticeship program by contacting your state Department of Labor.

STOBER’s pre-apprentices begin their journey with an interview by a panel of STOBER employees for specific positions. However, we give each employee the chance to rotate through multiple departments in the company so that they can be exposed to different career opportunities.  The program is set up for the students to work on-site for 15 hours a week with the option to work more on school breaks and during the summer. They are paid an hourly wage that increases over time and are awarded a Journeyman’s certificate at the end of the program. Also at the end of the program each pre-apprentice will be given the opportunity to interview for a full time Apprenticeship position.

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