STOBER’s Apprenticeship Program

Are you struggling with the skills gap? Is it hard to find employees? Many employers find that it is hard to recruit and retain good employees. An apprenticeship can help to “grow your own” employees and to close the skills gap. Apprenticeships are common in Europe. STOBER Maysville began the apprenticeship program in 2005. In our version of an Apprenticeship Program employees receive full-time benefits and pay. However, they work 30 hours and go to college for 10 hours. All school expenses are paid for by the company and they have the option of many College Institutions and Disciplines. You can easily set up your own Apprenticeship Program by contacting your States Department of Labor. Many disciplines are recognized by the state government and can open many grant opportunities to cover the cost of having an Apprentice.

This has been a huge success at STOBER. 84% of apprentices have stayed at the company. Our apprentices are very productive, during the apprenticeship and thereafter. The return on investment typically begins shortly after the apprentice enters the program. Upon completion of the program each apprentice was placed into permanent employment at STOBER Drives Inc. in the discipline they chose as apprentices. 8 of our 10 graduates are in significant leadership roles, and we are confident they will continue to move higher in the organization.

We believe employee development is the most important aspect of our business, and that our apprenticeship program is a major determining factor in our current and future success. “People development” is one of our fundamental business initiatives, even more important than product development, technology, etc. Families, communities and schools develop people to a certain point. Once someone is employed at STOBER, we are very intentional about continuing their personal development.

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