STOBER Drives 25th Anniversary

STOBER is proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Maysville, Kentucky. What started as a small office with three employees has grown to over 120 full-time employees, two campuses spanning 85,000 square feet, and the reputation as one of the Best Places to Work in Kentucky!

What was it that brought STOBER to Maysville all those years ago? In an excerpt from an interview with Bernd Stoeber, founder, he said, “After reviewing several sites across the U.S., we were particularly impressed by the people of Maysville. They have strong family and community values and are typical of the American work ethic…common sense, quality, and fairness.”

STOBER is proud to offer gear reducers for both the power transmission and motion control markets, rack and pinion systems, and servo motors. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our success and let’s strive for 25 more!

Pictured are Bernd Stoeber and Ursula Thiel, the STOBER leaders who founded the Maysville branch

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