Build your STOBER solution without a catalog

fitsSTOBER has released STOBER FITS, an online configuration tool that allows customers to quickly and easily specify and select STOBER gear reducers. The focus of the tool is to improve overall customer experience, expediting selection, sizing and specification processes for the customer through a unified and convenient online process.

Determining what STOBER product is needed and ordering it typically requires several steps, including specifying a mounting position, paint coating, and more information that is not included in a part number. The intent to improve this process and the growing trend in digital tools is what drove STOBER to create their online configuration tool, STOBER FITS.

Users can simply put in their NEMA or servo motor and see possible STOBER matches. Filters can be applied to narrow results. Then, you can easily choose your output style, mounting position, and more. If a user doesn’t have a motor, it is no problem. They can use the browse option to see all products and use the filters to find one that fits the application.

Once configured, the user can share the configuration with others, save it, or request a quote or drawing.

Try it today!

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