STOBER Video Shows Why its High-Efficiency Gearboxes are Premier Food and Beverage Manufacturing Solutions

STOBER Drives, Inc., a leading provider of high-quality gearboxes with more than 80 years of gearing experience, has released a video aimed to appeal to the food and beverage industry.

The two-minute video at and the company website showcases the KSS, STOBER’s IP69K Certified stainless steel gearbox.

“The video is part of an ongoing campaign to help plant managers and maintenance managers learn more about STOBER solutions that can solve a number of common manufacturing and production line issues,” said Mike Mitchell, business development manager at STOBER. “The video’s enhanced content includes an overview of STOBER products, all of which can be assembled and shipped in one day.”

The 3D animation provides an in-depth look at what makes STOBER’s gearboxes more durable in harsh environments. STOBER’s products can withstand high pressures, deep cleaning, extreme temperatures, and other rigorous conditions in food and beverage production, said Mitchell.

“Our high efficiency, tough gearboxes will save manufacturers money,” he added, “as costly downtime and maintenance is eliminated.”

STOBER offers a standard, three-year warranty and its products have an extended mean time to failure of more than eight years.

“At STOBER, we take pride in our personal customer service as well as our products,” said Mitchell. “We feel our food and beverage products are the gold standard for the industry.”

For more information about STOBER’s gearbox solutions, please visit, or call (800) 711-3588.

STOBER FITS Commercial

Need a gearbox? Want to size it online without using a catalog? You can with STOBER FITS! This easy tool combines visuals and sizing to provide your optimal STOBER solution. You don’t need to be a STOBER expert to use it.


How STOBER Motors are Made

STOBER motors  allow for precise control of angular or linear position. The orthocyclically wound motor coil results in a very high copper fill for the winding. Watch the video to see how these motors are wound.

Installation and Maintenance Video

installationFor many years STOBER has offered an instruction video to help with the installation of your reducer.  Since its original publication, there have been many changes.  We are proud to introduce our newly updated installation and maintenance video.

When it comes to installing your STOBER gearbox, you won’t have to read lengthy instruction manuals.  Simply watch the video to learn how to properly install your gearbox.  Our updated video will provide you with peace of mind and save you time.

Click here to watch the complete Installation and Maintenance Series!

STOBER FITS Commercial

Need a gearbox? Want to size it online without using a catalog? You can with STOBER FITS! This easy tool combines visuals and sizing to provide your optimal STOBER solution. You don’t need to be a STOBER expert to use it.


Pre-apprenticeship Program

Is your high school student trying to decide what to do after graduation? Do they need some real world experience?  STOBER offers the chance for a student to spend time in various departments all while getting paid!  Watch our video to learn more or visit our website at

To apply for a career at STOBER, visit

Apprenticeship Program

An apprenticeship program helps you grow your own talent and build your employee’s skillset. Hear from our apprentices how this program has benefited them and helped STOBER continue to be the gold standard.

To apply for a career at STOBER, visit

What’s it like to work at STOBER?

What do people do at STOBER? It’s one of our most commonly asked questions. What departments does STOBER have and what does each one do? The latest video from STOBER looks at our mission, vision, and values and delves into each department and the primary jobs. It takes a lot of great people working together for STOBER to succeed.

To learn more about our departments, watch the following video:

To apply for a career at STOBER, visit

Application Sketches

Seeing is believing. Do you want to see what STOBER products can do?

You can! Check out our YouTube channel and watch the “Application Videos” playlist.
See our solutions for packaging, linear press, scissor lift palletizer, and more!

Keyed Versus Keyless Connection

Utilizing a key and keyway to fix rotating shafts to power transmission components, such as gears, sprockets, and lever arms is a traditional connection method. Sometimes, a setscrew is used to prevent axial movement during operation. This connection, while relatively simple and reliable when transmitting smooth, consistent power, proves to be inadequate when vibratory, shock, or reversing loads are present. The setscrews used to lock the shaft in a bore can damage the shaft.

Many engineers have turned to keyless connections to handle applications with inconsistent power. Keyless locking devices are the preferred choice in Europe. Keyless connections rely on a clamping force to hold a shaft in a bore. With the advances in motion control, higher levels of precision and compactness, reduced backlash, smaller shafts and more secure connections have become critical.

Some of the advantages for utilizing a keyed connection include:

  • A keyed connection will provide a positive stop until failure, whereas a keyless connection could allow slippage between the two mating parts if it is not assembled correctly or the design torque is exceeded.
  • A keyed connection provides a visual that the mating parts are locked in place. A keyless connection could only do so if the two mating parts were inscribed with a timing mark.
  • A keyed connection will allow for more tolerance between the two mating parts. The mating parts for keyless connections must be cleaned and machined to precise tolerances.
A keyless connection can transmit more torque than a keyed shaft due to more shaft surface contact.  Figures 1 and 2 compare the contact area of a shrink fit connection to a keyed connection.
Figure 1: Keyless
Figure 2: Keyed






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