STOBER FITS Commercial

Need a gearbox? Want to size it online without using a catalog? You can with STOBER FITS! This easy tool combines visuals and sizing to provide your optimal STOBER solution. You don’t need to be a STOBER expert to use it.


PS Two-Speed Gearbox

Do you want to have both high cutting speeds and high torque for your machine tool spindle? The STOBER PS Two-Speed gearbox can provide both high speed and high torque in one package.

With its integral planet gear set, the PS provides:two-speed gearbox

  • maximum running smoothness
  • optional liquid cooling to achieve speeds of 10,000 RPM
  • versatile mounting for lathes or machining centers
  • mounting holes for easy installation

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Build your STOBER solution without a catalog

fitsSTOBER has released STOBER FITS, an online configuration tool that allows customers to quickly and easily specify and select STOBER gear reducers. The focus of the tool is to improve overall customer experience, expediting selection, sizing and specification processes for the customer through a unified and convenient online process.

Determining what STOBER product is needed and ordering it typically requires several steps, including specifying a mounting position, paint coating, and more information that is not included in a part number. The intent to improve this process and the growing trend in digital tools is what drove STOBER to create their online configuration tool, STOBER FITS.

Users can simply put in their NEMA or servo motor and see possible STOBER matches. Filters can be applied to narrow results. Then, you can easily choose your output style, mounting position, and more. If a user doesn’t have a motor, it is no problem. They can use the browse option to see all products and use the filters to find one that fits the application.

Once configured, the user can share the configuration with others, save it, or request a quote or drawing.

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Looking for a gearbox solution for your mixer?


Any mechanical device used over food production must be of the highest quality. Products that leak oil are not an option!

STOBER’s KS is ideal for dynamic mixing processes. The agitators can be mounted to the rotating flange supported by stout tapered bearings. The hollow bore also allows for air lines to pass through, which are used in the agitation process. The demanding nature of the dynamic mixing is no problem for the KS.

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STOBER continues to add to its Food and Beverage Offerings

kss hollowCustomers need a reliable and durable gearbox that can withstand the harsh conditions of food or beverage environments. STOBER currently has three sizes with its stainless steel right angle gearbox, the KSS. The company is introducing its fourth size, capable of generating output torques up to 4,872 in. lbs. The KSS4 is compatible with NEMA 56C, 143/145TC, and 182/184TC frame motors.

The expansion is perfect for poultry, pork, and beef processing. The stainless steel housing won’t pit if blood gets on the surface. In addition to its durable housing, the KSS is IP69K Certified and USDA Accepted. All of our gearboxes come with a 3 year standard warranty. However, our average mean time to failure is 8 years. Trust a STOBER KSS to last with no downtime and no maintenance.

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FITS for Power Transmission

STOBER FITS, an online tool, will let you find your STOBER solution and get a quote.


Simply put in your NEMA motor and see possible STOBER matches. Use the filters to narrow down your results. Then, you can easily choose your output style, mounting position, and more.

Need help with your finding your frame size or service factor? No problem. FITS has several built-in calculators to determine your ratio, service factor, frame size, duty cycle and more.

Don’t have a motor? Browse our products and use the filters to find one that can fit your needs.

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How are you driving your conveyor?

belt pulleyHow do you drive your conveyor? Do you use a belt and pulley? This makes for a lot of extra work. You have to find the pulley, belt, guard, bracket, and screw. Then you have to attached the mounting bracket to the frame, attach the gearbox to the bracket, put the pulley on the gearbox, attach the belt, adjust the tension, and finally put on the guard.

offset helicalWouldn’t it be easier to avoid this assembly work? STOBER can help you do this! Our “F” series gearbox can be attached directly to the load. You can save space and money by avoiding the auxiliary components. Contact STOBER’s technical support team to learn how to save money and space on your conveyor!

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STOBER and Automated Guided Vehicles


Do you need a solution for your Automated Guided Vehicle’s steering axis or wheel drive? STOBER has several options to fit your needs.

PYFrom gear motors to gear boxes, STOBER has an ideal solution for precision wheel drive and steering axis on AGVs. The compact gear motor can fit into small spaces on the AGV. The stout bearing can support the wheel load while the planetary gearing provides extreme positioning.

PH_EZAlso available is our integrated servo gear motor, the PH_EZ. Its compact design will keep the overall length shorter. There is an option for a holding brake as well. It is compatible with most popular servo drives.
Our K gearboxes can also work for your AGV needs.

For more information, visit our motor page.

STOBER Adds New Sizes to PHQ Gear Series

STOBER Drives, Inc., a high-efficiency gearbox manufacturer in Maysville, Ky., wants to remind you of all the sizes available for its PHQ series.

The PHQ is available in sizes 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. How does it differ from STOBER’s PH unit? The PHQ features a high torque, four-planet design, allowing torque to be distributed over four planet gears instead of three. This results in an increase in output torque and torsional rigidity, while still providing low backlash and smoothness of operation.phq

The PHQ4 and PHQ5 are available in single and double stage, with ratios ranging from 5.5:1 to 55:1. These gearheads are capable of 430 Nm of acceleration torque. The PHQ7 thru PHQ11 are available in double and triple stage, with ratios ranging from 22:1 up to 600:1, and up to 22,000 Nm of acceleration torque.

With a backlash rating of three arc minutes, the PHQ is ideal for applications requiring low backlash, such as robotics, injection molding for plastics, and tube-bending industries. For applications requiring even lower backlash, the PHQA version is capable of having backlash as low as 1 arc minute.

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Stopping Safely with ServoStop

STOBER Drives emergency brake protects machinery, improves workplace safety


Sometimes an assembly line has to be stopped– RIGHT NOW!– to ensure the safety of employees and protect manufacturing machinery.

STOBER Drives, Inc. of Maysville, Kentucky, has an emergency braking system called ServoStop, which provides safe braking at emergency stops and during power outages.

“It’s an attention grabber,” said Adam Mellenkamp, ServoStop product manager for Stober. “Everyone we show it to may not be able to use it right now, but can think of a situation where they could have used it in the past. It was originally designed for a safety application where you need redundant braking.

ServoStop can be mounted on almost all common servomotors, giving it endless applications in factories universally, and is an integral part of STOBER’s ServoFit gear reducers. It has a plug-in coupling for simple motor removal, no matter what position the braked axis is in, and prevents gravity-affected axes from sinking or crashing.

“If you need a brake, this is the ‘easy button’ to get it,” said Mellenkamp. “You won’t need another supplier to adapt it. The ServoStop is also extremely compact due to its integration into the gear unit.”

Providing safe braking can be difficult as well as dangerous, especially when machinery incorporates vertical axes– which is common in material handling for robotics or machine tools industries.

These situations can be caused by a cut-off of drive power due to a problem in the machine controller, power failure, or brake failure in the motor, said Mellenkamp. “While other brakes can allow sliding, ServoStop can brake at full speed, prevent accidental sliding or falling of vertical axes with gravity load, and provide reliable braking during emergencies and power failures.”

Advantages of the ServoStop are that it is easy to remove motors, even with load; it is backlash-free and smooth-running; it offers frictional shaft to hub for high torque; and provides a compact design for low inertia.

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