STOBER Drives Revolutionary Safety Brake

stober-k_mb_ed5When an assembly line needs to stop immediately because of a power failure or hazardous situation, the safety of employees and equipment is only as strong as the braking system. With a goal of increasing safety throughout the manufacturing industry, STOBER Drives launched ServoStop, a revolutionary holding brake that provides redundant braking power.

“This is a product ahead of its time,” Product Engineer Tyler Mattingly says. “Safety is very important today and what ServoStop does is stop a vertical load from dropping on someone. Everyone is concerned about employees wearing personal protective equipment, but we see this new area of safety becoming an industry standard.”

The Maysville, Ky.-based company has specialized in industrial gearboxes for more than 80 years and has more than 30 years of motor expertise. Its Servo solutions range from planetary gearheads to helical bevel gearboxes to hollow bore motors to rack and pinion solutions. “We have a wide breadth of offering and that’s what makes us special,” Mattingly says. “We are very modular with what we do and that allows anything new we develop to be incorporated throughout the entire product range.”

stoberservo_stop_p_ph_kFor example, ServoStop is not only designed for Servo brand products, but can be used on any other gear reducer STOBER offers. “We are very versatile and offer a number of products that get the job done for you because we have a wide variety of products to optimize solutions for your machine or specific application,” Mattingly explains. “We might have five products that do the same thing, but there is one that will be best suited for your needs.”

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Automation Fair

STOBER will be exhibiting at the Rockwell Automation Fair on November 14 and 15 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are a recognized Encompass Partner and a supplier of Rockwell Enabled motors.

At the show, STOBER will be highlighting our ServoStop dynamic safety brake. This integrated brake provides safe braking at emergency stops and during power outages. The ServoStop adheres to EN ISO 13849 safety standard and can brake dynamically up to 1,000 cycles. It has electronic release monitoring and sensors, and electrical wear monitoring options.

In addition to integrating with STOBER reducers, the ServoStop is compatible with Rockwell Safety Controllers when paired with certain Rockwell servo motors.

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Knowing which vendor to choose from can be difficult. Here’s why Machine Tool Research (MTR) in Rochester, New York, chooses to do business with STOBER.

“We’ve used STOBER for years to rebuild equipment such as lathes and milling machines for machine tool customers.

Servo UnitsEvery job is project-based and requirements are always different, but STOBER is the perfect match for our gearbox requirements. Its SMS series allows us to choose from a large range of ratios, mounting configurations, housing options, and more. We use helical bevel reducers and planetary gears, so are often driving ballscrews or dual rack and pinion applications.

STOBER’s responsiveness is also a key plus. It builds and ships units in one day and STOBER gives us quick answers on requests. I can’t think of a better way to meet customer needs.”

— Steve Nelson, Machine Tool Research, Rochester, NY

Call us today to learn how we can help you design your machine and provide you with quick responses. 1-888-786-2371

Robust, efficient STOBER PSS gearbox keeps food and beverage production safe and clean

Clean, efficient production of food and beverage products has never been more important. Just one product recall or serious outbreak of disease can ruin a brand’s reputation or even shut a company down.

STOBER Drives, Inc., of Maysville, Ky., has developed the PSS, a new stainless steel inline planetary unit that helps alleviate worry about sanitation during food and beverage processing. The highly-efficient unit can handle ratios from 4 to 100:1 and is adaptable to several NEMA C-frame motors, said Mike Mitchell, business development manager at STOBER.  It also withstands the harshest of wash down environments.

While food and beverage manufacturers are likely educated constantly on the importance of cleanliness on a cellular level when it comes to production and sanitation, Mitchell gives three reasons why plant managers and engineers need to remain diligent on machinery efficiency and sanitation.

— The organic trend in food and drinksConsumers today select healthier foods and packaged drinks that contain fewer additives and preservatives, said Mitchell.  Many people today have compromised immune systems or food allergies or are sensitive to colors and fragrances, too.

The emphasis on organics and health foods means a shorter shelf life on ingestible products and an even smaller margin for error when it comes to bacterial contamination.

“All it takes is one listeria or E. coli breakout to undo years of creating marketing and brand positioning,” said Mitchell. “While manufacturers have always been concerned with food safety, the margin for error is ever-shrinking when it comes to safe, allowable contaminants in food or drinks.”

The rounded housing of the PSS makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow and spread, he said. “Innovation is constant and equipment efficiency and design ever-improving among those of us who manufacture machinery and engine parts related to factory production of food and beverages,” he said. “It pays in many ways to keep up on innovations and new machinery trends.”

Machinery, parts should be tough, efficient, state-of-the-art—Expenditures to update equipment have fallen behind in recent years. According to investment bank Morgan Stanley, in 2014, the average age of industrial equipment was 10 years old—the oldest it has been since the height of the Great Depression. Couple this need to update factory equipment with the innovations that have occurred in production machinery and design, and manufacturers get an opportunity to go greener and become more energy efficient and sanitary, said Mitchell.

“Since the recession, many companies have focused on spending to upgrade technology and security,” said Mitchell. “Investment in factory equipment by updating and replacing old machinery has lagged and now that the economy is stronger, it needs to be addressed.”

Plant managers and engineers need to be proactive in making certain all sections of the production process are highly-efficient and up to date. “While we all complain about the cost of machinery and replacement parts on the production line, it’s a good investment to keep current,” said Mitchell.

He recommended inspections of production floor machinery for updates and replacements when needed. “If you purchase the most efficient machinery, costly downtime and maintenance is eliminated,” he said, “which amps up productivity.

“Aging gears, gear units, and old conveyor belts are inefficient and break down more frequently and can contaminate product,” said Mitchell. “Cracks and crevices in machine parts can harbor bacteria that even the most precise wash downs can’t eliminate. Engineering constantly improves and factories today have countless opportunities to mitigate sanitation risk with the selection of the most highly-efficient machinery and tools. Most equipment manufacturers would be happy to walk through a factory floor and provide suggestions for improvement.”

Machinery has to withstand caustic wash down environments—  Because so much is at stake in the sanitation arena regarding food and beverage production, effective wash down is critical to achieving long term manufacturing success in the food and beverage industry, said Mitchell.

“It’s a given that machinery in food and beverage production should be durable, but gear units should also be completely sealed with no opportunity for contamination inside or outside of a unit,” he said.  Products like the STOBER PSS are IP69K compliant, and can withstand the harsh wash downs required for sanitation, he added. “The PSS is especially effective in the highly-caustic worlds of food and beverage production,” he said. “No maintenance is required and it is lubricated for life.”

STOBER Drives, Inc., is a leading provider of high-quality gearboxes with more than 80 years of gearing experience. For more information about STOBER products, go to or call (800) 711-3588.

New Servo Catalog

STOBER is proud to debut our new ServoFit Precision Gearheads Catalog. There have been numerous improvements and changes in the new catalog.

One of STOBER’s main goals with this catalog was to make it easier to find the information you need. The specification data and dimensional data have been spread out and simplified to help sizing be more straightforward. Ratio and torque are listed first on the specification pages.

Our new PE helical tooth planetary is listed in the catalog along with a few other product updates. A full color introduction is also a new addition.

You can download the catalog at

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