Rack and Pinion – From high force to high speed to cost effective, STOBER has the solution you need

With more than 80 years of experience in mechatronics, STOBER focuses on system optimization. This includes our rack and pinion offerings. From machine tools to laser cutting, we have four pinion families for customers to choose from for their application requirements.

The ZTRS and ZTR are for high force, precise applications while the ZR is for high speed applications. The ZV is a cost effective solution for general automation.

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Differences between STOBER’s rack and pinion offerings

STOBER’s has four different pinions for you to choose from for your rack and pinion needs. We offer both helical and straight tooth pinions to meet your requirements.

The ZR, ZTR, and ZTRS pinions are removable so you can do a pinion change if needed. Pinion changes might be needed if there was a strong contamination or lubrication failure that caused strong wear on the pinion.

Here’s a quick overview of the differences in the STOBER pinion offering:

Pinion Gearboxes it fits Helical or straight tooth pinion Benefits
ZV P, K, PE, KS, KL Helical or straight Smaller pinion diameter reduces the torque requirement of the motor/gearbox. Cost effective solution for low force and pick and place gantry applications
ZR PH, PHQ, KS Helical Larger pinion diameter for higher speed applications
ZTR PH, PHQ, KS Helical or straight Smaller pinion diameter for high force applications
ZTRS PH, PHQ Helical or straight Smaller pinion diameter with support bearing opposite the gearbox to improve radial and axial load capacity

If you want a lubrication system or mounting plates, STOBER can supply those as well. Learn more at http://www.stober.com/motion_control_page/