Automotive Manufacturing Industry

“69% of machine designers state that shorter product development schedules is the top machine design challenge.”The Aberdeen Group

Are you driven by shorter product development cycles and faster cycle times? Need quick delivery and response?  STOBER has 24/7 customer service and can build and ship your gearbox in one day.  Our applications engineers will get you a drawing and answer any questions you have.  Don’t waste time waiting for your gearbox to arrive.  Call STOBER today!

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Packaging Solution


69% of machine designers say shorter product development schedules are their top challenge, according to the Aberdeen Group. Optimize Floor Space. Reduce Components. Simplify Design. STOBER can help you do all of that and more. Talk to our engineers who have done tens of thousands of packaging machines.

p series
Standard Solution

Traditional planetary gearboxes require additional components, such as belts, pulleys, mounting brackets, guards, and more. These extra pieces mean longer installation times, more cost, and increased operating danger.

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STOBER Solution

PS Two-Speed Gearbox

Do you want to have both high cutting speeds and high torque for your machine tool spindle? The STOBER PS Two-Speed gearbox can provide both high speed and high torque in one package.

With its integral planet gear set, the PS provides:two-speed gearbox

  • maximum running smoothness
  • optional liquid cooling to achieve speeds of 10,000 RPM
  • versatile mounting for lathes or machining centers
  • mounting holes for easy installation

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Looking for a gearbox solution for your mixer?


Any mechanical device used over food production must be of the highest quality. Products that leak oil are not an option!

STOBER’s KS is ideal for dynamic mixing processes. The agitators can be mounted to the rotating flange supported by stout tapered bearings. The hollow bore also allows for air lines to pass through, which are used in the agitation process. The demanding nature of the dynamic mixing is no problem for the KS.

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STOBER continues to add to its Food and Beverage Offerings

kss hollowCustomers need a reliable and durable gearbox that can withstand the harsh conditions of food or beverage environments. STOBER currently has three sizes with its stainless steel right angle gearbox, the KSS. The company is introducing its fourth size, capable of generating output torques up to 4,872 in. lbs. The KSS4 is compatible with NEMA 56C, 143/145TC, and 182/184TC frame motors.

The expansion is perfect for poultry, pork, and beef processing. The stainless steel housing won’t pit if blood gets on the surface. In addition to its durable housing, the KSS is IP69K Certified and USDA Accepted. All of our gearboxes come with a 3 year standard warranty. However, our average mean time to failure is 8 years. Trust a STOBER KSS to last with no downtime and no maintenance.

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How are you driving your conveyor?

belt pulleyHow do you drive your conveyor? Do you use a belt and pulley? This makes for a lot of extra work. You have to find the pulley, belt, guard, bracket, and screw. Then you have to attached the mounting bracket to the frame, attach the gearbox to the bracket, put the pulley on the gearbox, attach the belt, adjust the tension, and finally put on the guard.

offset helicalWouldn’t it be easier to avoid this assembly work? STOBER can help you do this! Our “F” series gearbox can be attached directly to the load. You can save space and money by avoiding the auxiliary components. Contact STOBER’s technical support team to learn how to save money and space on your conveyor!

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Packaging Conveyor Savings

Are you missing opportunities for improving efficiency and saving money on your conveyor? A typical conveyor used in packaging for feeding product into another machine utilizes a gearbox and additional components to drive the conveyor. These various pieces add up in terms of cost and length. However, STOBER offers product that will eliminate the need for a secondary transmission. This will not only save you money, but also space.


As illustrated, the planetary unit needs a mounting bracket and coupling to drive the conveyor. STOBER offers the SMS product line, which creates space savings with various mounting and housing styles. The KL unit can be attached with a shrink disc, making a compact solution. This machine flexibility will allow you to utilize existing structures as well.

Space is not the only savings. Using the SMS line creates an opportunity for lowering cost. No second transmission, such as chains and belts, are needed. This means a quieter and more efficient solution. No hardware, installation, or maintenance costs are added to your application.

Contact STOBER’s technical support team to learn how to save money and space on your applications using STOBER’s SMS products!

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STOBER Adds New Sizes to PHQ Gear Series

STOBER Drives, Inc., a high-efficiency gearbox manufacturer in Maysville, Ky., wants to remind you of all the sizes available for its PHQ series.

The PHQ is available in sizes 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. How does it differ from STOBER’s PH unit? The PHQ features a high torque, four-planet design, allowing torque to be distributed over four planet gears instead of three. This results in an increase in output torque and torsional rigidity, while still providing low backlash and smoothness of operation.phq

The PHQ4 and PHQ5 are available in single and double stage, with ratios ranging from 5.5:1 to 55:1. These gearheads are capable of 430 Nm of acceleration torque. The PHQ7 thru PHQ11 are available in double and triple stage, with ratios ranging from 22:1 up to 600:1, and up to 22,000 Nm of acceleration torque.

With a backlash rating of three arc minutes, the PHQ is ideal for applications requiring low backlash, such as robotics, injection molding for plastics, and tube-bending industries. For applications requiring even lower backlash, the PHQA version is capable of having backlash as low as 1 arc minute.

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USDA Accepted Equipment

USDASTOBER’s food duty and stainless steel gearboxes are now USDA Accepted Equipment.

USDA Accepted Equipment means the component meets the criteria set forth by the USDA Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Sanitary Design and Fabrication of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.

To receive this acceptance, STOBER supplied the USDA with dimensional drawings and product information. The USDA reviewed the documents and cleared STOBER products to become USDA Accepted Equipment.

STOBER food duty and stainless steel gearboxes can withstand harsh washdowns, extreme temperatures, and caustic chemicals. They are IP69K certified and backed by a three year warranty.

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Robust, efficient STOBER PSS gearbox keeps food and beverage production safe and clean

Clean, efficient production of food and beverage products has never been more important. Just one product recall or serious outbreak of disease can ruin a brand’s reputation or even shut a company down.

STOBER Drives, Inc., of Maysville, Ky., has developed the PSS, a new stainless steel inline planetary unit that helps alleviate worry about sanitation during food and beverage processing. The highly-efficient unit can handle ratios from 4 to 100:1 and is adaptable to several NEMA C-frame motors, said Mike Mitchell, business development manager at STOBER.  It also withstands the harshest of wash down environments.

While food and beverage manufacturers are likely educated constantly on the importance of cleanliness on a cellular level when it comes to production and sanitation, Mitchell gives three reasons why plant managers and engineers need to remain diligent on machinery efficiency and sanitation.

— The organic trend in food and drinksConsumers today select healthier foods and packaged drinks that contain fewer additives and preservatives, said Mitchell.  Many people today have compromised immune systems or food allergies or are sensitive to colors and fragrances, too.

The emphasis on organics and health foods means a shorter shelf life on ingestible products and an even smaller margin for error when it comes to bacterial contamination.

“All it takes is one listeria or E. coli breakout to undo years of creating marketing and brand positioning,” said Mitchell. “While manufacturers have always been concerned with food safety, the margin for error is ever-shrinking when it comes to safe, allowable contaminants in food or drinks.”

The rounded housing of the PSS makes it more difficult for bacteria to grow and spread, he said. “Innovation is constant and equipment efficiency and design ever-improving among those of us who manufacture machinery and engine parts related to factory production of food and beverages,” he said. “It pays in many ways to keep up on innovations and new machinery trends.”

Machinery, parts should be tough, efficient, state-of-the-art—Expenditures to update equipment have fallen behind in recent years. According to investment bank Morgan Stanley, in 2014, the average age of industrial equipment was 10 years old—the oldest it has been since the height of the Great Depression. Couple this need to update factory equipment with the innovations that have occurred in production machinery and design, and manufacturers get an opportunity to go greener and become more energy efficient and sanitary, said Mitchell.

“Since the recession, many companies have focused on spending to upgrade technology and security,” said Mitchell. “Investment in factory equipment by updating and replacing old machinery has lagged and now that the economy is stronger, it needs to be addressed.”

Plant managers and engineers need to be proactive in making certain all sections of the production process are highly-efficient and up to date. “While we all complain about the cost of machinery and replacement parts on the production line, it’s a good investment to keep current,” said Mitchell.

He recommended inspections of production floor machinery for updates and replacements when needed. “If you purchase the most efficient machinery, costly downtime and maintenance is eliminated,” he said, “which amps up productivity.

“Aging gears, gear units, and old conveyor belts are inefficient and break down more frequently and can contaminate product,” said Mitchell. “Cracks and crevices in machine parts can harbor bacteria that even the most precise wash downs can’t eliminate. Engineering constantly improves and factories today have countless opportunities to mitigate sanitation risk with the selection of the most highly-efficient machinery and tools. Most equipment manufacturers would be happy to walk through a factory floor and provide suggestions for improvement.”

Machinery has to withstand caustic wash down environments—  Because so much is at stake in the sanitation arena regarding food and beverage production, effective wash down is critical to achieving long term manufacturing success in the food and beverage industry, said Mitchell.

“It’s a given that machinery in food and beverage production should be durable, but gear units should also be completely sealed with no opportunity for contamination inside or outside of a unit,” he said.  Products like the STOBER PSS are IP69K compliant, and can withstand the harsh wash downs required for sanitation, he added. “The PSS is especially effective in the highly-caustic worlds of food and beverage production,” he said. “No maintenance is required and it is lubricated for life.”

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