STOBER Gives Back

One of STOBER’s core values is to serve others. This means serving our customers, our employees, and our community. In addition to our recent fundraiser for the Relay for Life, STOBER has donated thousands of dollars in the first half of this year alone to numerous organizations and causes. Groups included: Maysville Women’s Crisis Center, KCTCS Farm and Family Night, Camp Discovery 2017, Bracken County Conservation Day, Lions Club Radio Auction, Lewisburg Lions Club Horse Show, Buffalo Trace Children’s Advocacy, Boy Scouts of America, and more.

Beating the Drum for Apprenticeships

PeterPeter Feil sees apprenticeships not just as a way to fill skilled jobs in rural communities—he sees them as a savior for small towns.

With Millennials more likely to relocate to urban areas than their generational predecessors, “anything we can do to provide opportunities and convince kids to stay is going to be critical for maintaining any kind of industry,” says Feil, who heads U.S. operations for German gearbox and motor maker Stober Drives. “The more kids we can retain, the more businesses will thrive. Every kid we lose is a lifetime worker that’s not going to be in our town.”

Stober USA, which has around 120 employees, is located in Maysville, Ky., a town of 9,000 about an hour’s drive from both Cincinnati and Lexington, Ky. The company has hosted 32 apprentices since it launched the program 10 years ago, including 16 current apprentices.

“We feel a responsibility as a leader in the community to do everything we can to promote these programs and to market them and to lead by example and get others to follow,” says Feil “We feel it’s an ethical and moral obligation, because we don’t want to see our community die.”

Feil, who along with leading Stober’s apprenticeship program also recently got a local chapter of KY FAME off the ground after many years of trying, shared what he’s learned about apprenticeship success.

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Quick Delivery

“Shorter lead times equal tall profits.” Waterloo Manufacturing

Have you waited 8 weeks or longer for a gearbox? Has this caused a delay in machine assembly? These types of setbacks impact your ability to meet customer needs and can also compromise a project.

STOBER builds and ships our gearboxes in one day. All units are built to your specifications and never pre-assembled. This means we can have a solution shipped to you quickly and project delays are minimal.

Contact us today at 1-800-711-3588 or

Avoiding Costly Downtime

How much is downtime costing you? “The annual downtime for food and beverage production lines is over 10 weeks a year.” – Harting

From unplanned breakdowns to planned maintenance and cleaning, companies have to deal with lines not running. By choosing the right gearbox, you can prevent equipment failures.

STOBER gearboxes are IP69K certified and USDA Accepted Equipment. With an average mean time to failure of 8 years, our gearboxes can handle the harshest environment.  Each gearbox also comes with a standard 3 year warranty.

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Application Solutions Team

“68% of all projects fail to be completed on time and within budget.” Villanova University

What causes this waste of time? Inefficient supplier communication, limited time, product inexperience, and more, making your job more difficult to design a great machine.

STOBER’s engineering resources are designed to help you avoid these losses and optimize your machine. Every customer has a dedicated engineer who can review your machine project, optimize its design, and help you save time and money.

Contact us today at 1-800-711-3588 or visit


Quiet Gearbox Solutions for the Medical Industry

Do your machines create excessive noise? The World Health Organization recommends 35 dB as top sound level in hospital patient rooms. Noisy planetary gearboxes contribute to patient discomfort in MRIs and other equipment.

STOBER’s SMS gearboxes are up to 8 db(A) quieter than planetary gearboxes. This can make a huge difference when you are a patient inside an MRI machine.

Learn more about our SMS offering at

STOBER Builds and Ships in One Day

STOBER is known for fast delivery. Our standard is being able to build and ship in one day. When a customer is down, we can get these units out even faster.

We had a customer with a breakdown situation in April. The gearbox operated the billet loader on an extrusion press. It drives a gear and rack system to move the loader in and out of the press. The competitor unit exploded, leaving them losing over $2,000 an hour.

Our inside sales team responded quickly. They crossed the unit over to our P series and provided a quote, drawings, and ratings. The unit was shipped that night and delivered the next day. The customer installed the new unit and returned to production in less than 24 hours.

When you need a solution fast, call STOBER at 1-800-711-3588.

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STOBER Employees Kiss a Pig to Raise Money for Relay for Life


STOBER promotes not only our employees but also our community.  We wanted to raise money for the Relay for Life, so our activities committee came up with the fun idea of having our management team smack lips with a pig!

Each manager had a jar placed in our break rooms with their picture on the jar.  Employees could put money in the jar of the person they wanted to see kiss a pig!  The top three earners would kiss a pig, which was sponsored by Second Chance Thrift Store in Maysville.

The lucky winners were Adam Prater with $331.30, Chris Breeze with $323.68, and Jeff Frodge with $280.09.  The gentlemen donned their finest lipstick to smooch the pig on Friday, April 21.

In total, STOBER raised $1,525.45 for the Relay for Life.  Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to our three winners for being good sports!


STOBER has launched an inside sales system to provide you with the best possible service. Geographic regions will now have an entire team dedicated to provide customers in that area with seamless quotes and orders, quick answers for questions, and consultative engineering support.

Each pod is comprised of 2 applications engineers and 3 customer service representatives. You will get to know your account managers quickly and know exactly who to go to when you need a STOBER solution. This is all part of STOBER’s dedication to you!

Veterans Day

veterans daySTOBER is grateful for the service of our armed forces and would like to thank all our veterans. Here is a list of our employees and their family members who have served:

Stacy Berry
Husband of employee Stephanie Berry
Army 1986-1994
1st Gulf War

Larry Pitts
Father of employee Stephanie Berry
Army 1969-1971
Vietnam War

Richard Justice
Father of employee Brandon Justice

Charles Hardymon
Grandfather of employee Brandon Justice
Air Force

Rudy Justice
Grandfather of employee Brandon Justice

James Donald Benedict
Father of employee Kenneth Benedict
Army WWII, fought in Germany

Gregory Michael Benedict
Brother of employee Kenneth Benedict
Marine Corp
Vietnam War

Edwin Benedict
Brother of employee Kenneth Benedict
Korean War

Herman Frodge
Father of employee Jeff Frodge
Army Reserve 1962-1968

Derrick Frodge
Cousin of employee Jeff Frodge
Army/KY National Guard
Active duty 1989-present
Operation Enduring Freedom

Jerry Mack
Navy 1988-1992
Operation Desert Shield/Operation Desert Storm
Bahrain (Persian Gulf)/Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Ernie Hamm
Marines 1979-1987

Adrian Bauer
Grandfather of employee Chris Bauer
Army 1944-45

Bill Bauer
Uncle of employee Chris Bauer
Army 1970-76

Eugene F. Grigson
Grandfather of employee D. Clay Graves
Army-Airforce 1946-1949

Jeremiah D. MacRoberts
Brother of employee D. Clay Graves
Army/Army Reserve 1997-current

Terry Vice
Spouse of employee Melissa Vice
Army 1967-1970
Vietnam War

Earl Bennington
Air Force 1972-1992

Simon Smith
Father of employee Doris Gallenstein

Cecil Smith
Uncle of employee Doris Gallenstein

John Shanklin
Grandfather of employee Amy Appelman
Army 1950-1952
Korean Conflict

James Cristiano
Grandfather of employee Scott Moulis
Army 1942-1944
Stationed in Philippines

Jason Prater
Brother of employee Adam Prater
Air Force 1999-present
Operation Iraqi Freedom/War on Terror

Robert Prater
Grandfather of employee Adam Prater
Army 1943-1945

Kenneth Hamilton
Grandfather of employee Adam Prater
Army 1953-1958
Navy 1958-1961
Korean War

Jerry Littleton
Grandfather of employee Megan Fulton
Army 1969-1970
Vietnam War

James F. Ishmael
Father of employee Angie Ishmael/Grandfather of employee Luke Buchanan
Air Force 2 years
Korean War

Charles M. Ishmael
Uncle of employee Angie Ishmael/Great uncle of employee Luke Buchanan
Army 2 years
Korean War

Michael K. Montgomery
Fiancé of employee Angie Ishmael
Air Force 6 years
Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Ky M. Covert
Nephew of employee Angie Ishmael
Air Force 2009-present

Bill Marshall
Retired employee
Army Reserve 8 years

Barry Fields
Retired Employee
Army 1972-1974

Donnie Black
Army 20 years
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Mitch Riley
Army 3 years

Ryan Forman
Army 1987-1994
Gulf War

Ryan Kissell
Son of Retired Employee Karen Foister
US Army 1993-2004
Iraqi War Operation Iraqi Freedom

Gerald Foister Sr.
Spouse of Retired Employee Karen Foister
US Army 1969-1971
Vietnam War

Gerald Foister Jr.
Stepson of Retired Employee Karen Foister
Army National Guard 1988-1989
Desert Storm

Robert Douglass
Father of Retried Employee Karen Foister
US Army
WWII Decorated

George Barnes
Brother of Retried Employee Karen Foister
Navy Career

Poppy John Kinzer
Uncle of Retired Employee Karen Foister
US Army
WWII Decorated

Raymond Barnes
Brother of Retired Employee Karen Foister
US Air Force

Denver Barnes
Brother of Retired Employee Karen Foister
US Air Force

Michael Barnes
Nephew of Retired Employee Karen Foister
National Guard 2003 – present

William Purdon – Deceased
U.S. Army 1939-1943
World War II
Father of Sue Purdon

Michael A. Purdon – Deceased
U.S. Navy 1969-1974
Vietnam War
Brother of Sue Purdon

John K. Highfield- Deceased
U.S. Army 1940-1944
World War II
Uncle of Sue Purdon

Sunshine and Jason Polk
Niece and her husband of
Employee Pat Calchera
Air Force Career

Stanley Moran
Father of Employee Pat Calchera
Air Force/Korean War

Donald Moran
Uncle of Employee Pat Calchera
Navy 10 years