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STOBER’s SMS Gearboxes for mechanical flexibility

Did you know you did not have to use a planetary gearbox on every servo application? STOBER’s ServoFit Modular Series (SMS) gives you mechanical flexibility. A variety of housing and output options means you can pick what you need and mount it to your machine. Another advantage of the SMS is higher input speeds, especially on the right angle gearbox.

In addition to being quieter than a planetary gearbox, there are more ratios to choose from, providing you with more options. These units can also come in food and beverage duty and the right angle has a stainless steel version.

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Pre-apprenticeship Program

Is your high school student trying to decide what to do after graduation? Do they need some real world experience?  STOBER offers the chance for a student to spend time in various departments all while getting paid!  Watch our video to learn more or visit our website at

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Apprenticeship Program

An apprenticeship program helps you grow your own talent and build your employee’s skillset. Hear from our apprentices how this program has benefited them and helped STOBER continue to be the gold standard.

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